ATD in 2o15 in 2×15 ATD Events!

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Take time to re-discover the year 2015 of ATD Ireland in 2×15, so 30 events!

Event 1: We welcomed the new year with our long term friends of the Ballymun ACORN group at their annual dinner!


Event 2: ATD Ireland was part of the 12 NGOs invited by Irish Aid and Dochas to meet Amina Mohammed, the special advisor of Ban Ki-moon in the preparation of the 2030 Agenda!

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Event 3: We took part in the launch of the European Year for Development oranised by Dochas in January 2015. Michael D Higgins’ speech on the day is a speech to remember!

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Event 4: In February we welcomed our first intern of the year, Danny. He was the first of a series of four in 2015!


Event 5: When friends are organising fundraising events to support ATD, it is allways important events! In February 2015, our friends from a language school in Maynooth organised a pancake day on Shrove Tuesday! They donated more than €500 to this year! We are grateful to them and to all our 2015 donators! We will need them in 2016 too!


Event 6: In February we contributed to the Women’s Rights Beijing+20 conference with our friends of the SAOL Project! (“Women’s Rights: One of the Great Ethical Challenges of Our Time” Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission & National Women’s Council of Ireland’s National Conference)


Event 7:  In 2015, we carried on our planning process. In February we finalised the draft of the introductory text of our next strategic plan: “Who we are together”.


Event 8: to mark International Women’s Day on 8th March, we joined SAOL Project and UISCE at the “Time to talk”.


Event 9:  With the Irish 17 October Committee, we contributed at the end of March 2015 to the Social Inclusion Forum: a group of delegates from the Committee took the floor and Joan Burton TD, the Tánaiste visited the exhibition presenting the Art Works created for the 2014 UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty!

SIF2015 (15)cs

Event 10: From March to July 2015 we run Human Rights’ Workshops with different partners and befreinded projects. Here, in April 2016, we met twice our friends from the NWICTDP.


Event 11: In April 2015, we were happy to support the launch of the latest book edited by ATD Ireland’s Board Member, Martin Byrne.


Event 12: On the International Day of families (15 May), an Irish ATD delegation visited our friends of ATD Poland in Kielce and Warsaw.


Event 13: In May 2015, France honored the Resistance and Human Rights’ Fighter Geneviève de Gaulle. ATD Ireland organised a “Geneviève de Gaulle Week”.


Event 14: The Women’s Mini Marathon, on the 1st Monday of June,  has been for the past few years, one of the main Fundraising events for ATD Ireland. It was again the case in 2015!


Event 15: In June 2015, an Irish delegation of young adults takes part in the European Youth Meeting of the ATD Djynamo Project!


Event 16: On the 17th June 2015, with Beyond 2015, we launched the 100 days countdown before the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals!

100 Flowers 100 Days SDGs (5)cs

Event 17:  Each meeting of the 2015 Human Rights Workshops is a great event! Here, on the picture, the discussion in July 2015 with the SAOL sisters!

HRW SAOL June 2015 (30)cs

Event 18:  At ATD Ireland, we like to celebrate the birthday of our friends and volunteers! In July it was the turn of Michael who couldn’t be with us on the very day!


Event 19: In the last days of July, we organised the final and plenary meeting of the Human Rights’ workshops’ series. The venue was the new office of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission.


Event 20:  Our annual Summer Piknic in August is a opportunity to gather friends and volunteers!


Event 21:  At the 2015 Recovery Walk, we launched our public campaign the “#RolesWePlay, Here & There” promoting the new Sustainable Development Goals!

RecoveryW (18)

Event 22: With a group of partners, ATD Ireland was one of the leading organisation which prepared the Irish #LigthTheWay #Action2015 event on 24th September. Pictures of this event were shown on big screens in New York, a few hours before the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals!

Ireland #Light The Way

Event 23:  In September, we welcomed guests from the ATD International Leadership Team to discuss ATD Ireland’s strategic planning process and the coming #EndPoverty Month!

ATDmeeting26Sept15 (99)cs

Event 24: In 2015, the #EndPoverty Day became an #EndPoverty month with the #RolesWePlay Exhibition, the “Shame of Poverty” Lecture and the events at the Human Rights and Poverty Stone (more at

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Event 25: End of October 2015 in the Netherlands, an ATD-SAOL Project delegation took part to a “#LeaveNoOneBehind” seminar with particiants from UK, Belgium, Poland, Germany and the Netherllands!


Event 26: Twice a year, a meeting of members of ATD in Europe takes place a the ATD International Centre near Paris. In November, we were 4 from Dublin to attend!


Event 27: Twice a year, a meeting of young adults members of ATD in Europe takes place a the ATD International Centre near Paris. In November, we were 7 from Dublin to attend to this Djynamo event!


Event 28:  On 28 and 29 November 2015, at the eve of the COP21 UN Climate Change Summit in Paris, we organised Croke21, a local Climate Community Summit!

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Event 29:  To mark Human Rigths Day on 10 December, we launched with Misean Cara a Handbook to make rights work for people facing chronic poverty!

HBLaunch (68)csHBLaunch (9)cs

Event 30:  On 20 December, we gather in a Christmas spirit and listened to carrols sung by the Gardiner Street Gospel Choir!

GardinerStGoChoir (34)cs GardinerStGoChoir (39)cs

Bonus 1:  On 31st December, the very last day of the European Year for Development  and at the eve of 1st January, the day of the official start of the bold and transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, ATD Ireland launched the #RolesWePlay booklet!


Bonus 2: In 2015, ATD members prepared in different ways the centenary of the 1916 Rising!