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Where Does Your Money Go?

We make your financial support go further! 
92% of all funding received goes directly to anti-poverty projects.

Our projects focus on the sharing of knowledge among people of different backgrounds in an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity. We then seek out and create forums where the voice and experience of those in poverty can influence public opinion and policy.

Programs and projects are based on three basic principles:

  • The inalienable dignity of each human being
  • The necessity to learn from families living in persistent poverty
  • The responsibility of all people to unite to overcome the injustices of poverty
We are currently trying to raise money for our home support visits to households facing hardships because of poverty.

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In order to contribute to the advent of a society where everyone may be included, ATD Fourth World provided
itself with reference features that stem from its long term commitment to the poorest populations. Some of
these characteristics specifically direct its financial ethics

Read more: ATD Charter of financial ethics

ATD Fourth World Ireland (registered as Charity with the Charity Regulation Authority and with the Revenue) is committed to the highest standard of efficiency and transparency in our financial transactions.


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