"Breaking Barriers": A participatory approach to defining socio- economic discrimination

ATD Ireland have just launched a new report funded by IHREC; Breaking barriers: A participatory approach to defining socio- economic discrimination- In Real Terms. This project brings together the voices of those with lived experience of poverty and socio- economic discrimination, academics and professionals working in the community and voluntary sector.  We hope to raise awareness and build a deeper understanding of socio- economic discrimination and ultimately progress the #Addthe10th campaign to have socio- economic status recognised as the tenth ground of discrimination in Irish equality legislation.  Read the report here. 

"Lockdown Liberties: Spoken and Written Word"

Lockdown liberties was a project undertaken during the early stages of the pandemic in order to keep connected with one another during those trying days. People were able to find hope through the creative process of writing. This group is important in giving the participants avenue to express their deepest thoughts and feelings, and share stories particularly  with those who often have difficulties in doing so. Those involved found a personal growth throughout the project and gained confidence, not only within the writing but also within themselves.

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Launch of the does it only happen to me? Report on socio-economic discrimination
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    Watch the video from our ‘Does it Only Happen to Me?’ – Socio-Economic Discrimination report launch!

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