Poverty Talks: New research project carried out by Joe Whelan in collaboration with ATD Ireland

Walking, Thinking and Talking: An exploration of the lived experiences and hidden geographies of poverty as a participatory arts methodology

Have you experienced or are you experiencing poverty?

Is this something you would be willing to talk about to help others understand lived experiences of poverty?

Joe Whelan, researcher from Trinity College Dublin is currently undertaking a piece research surrounding the lived experiences and hidden geographies of poverty.  This research is funded by the Irish research council.

The study will involve making a map of a short walk you would like to take, taking a walk and having a conversation with the research which will be recorded.  This is called a walking interview.

Walks will be ‘gentle’ and suitable for people of all walking abilities.  You will also be provided with a camera and encouraged to photograph things that you feel are relevant, if you wish.

If you are interested in taking part and wanting to find out more, please contact the research team by emailing Eva Garcia at garciaae@tcd.ie.  Alternatively you can get in tough through ATD by emailing dann@atdireland.ie