This collective blog was created to give people living in poverty a chance to speak out about their experiences, challenges, aspirations and ideas. One of the main obstacles in any anti-poverty work is challenging the public perceptions of poverty, often based on the misleading main-stream media agenda or lack of real experience and understanding of poverty. This new blog aims to counterbalance these negative perceptions in creating a space where real life experiences, thoughts, expertise, aspirations and challenges can be shared publicly by those with lived experience of poverty to tell their own stories in the way that they want to tell them. You may also be interested in “Together in Dignity“, ATD Fourth World’s international collaborative blog.

Stories are a communal currency of humanity.”

We here at ATD Ireland firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance to be listened to and to have their voice heard. This collective blog was created to give people and in particular those with a direct experience of poverty a platform to share their thoughts and an opportunity to speak about their experiences, challenges, aspirations, ideas, fears, dreams and hopes.

If you are interested in writing a piece for us on the impacts of poverty or similarly related topics, please submit your post by sending an email to

Every voice counts.