Following on from the success of our “Lockdown Liberties: Spoken and written word” project, ATD Ireland are proud to launch a new creative writing project “Creative Pathways to Participation” funded by Coalition 2030. 

The aim of this project is to nourish and spotlight the creative talents and knowledge of those impacted by poverty and discrimination or those who otherwise experience marginalisation.  It hopes to give people an avenue to share their lived experience, insights and perspectives on topics which are important to them.  This project is about recognising the value of creative outlets in people finding their voice and self- expression, given that people who are struggling are not often given the platform to do so.   Finding one’s voice can lead to all manners of civic participation and involvement.

This project hopes to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals through the lived experience of social exclusion.

We would really value all contributions to this project as we would like it to represent a variety of different experiences and insights.  Alongside our talented ATD Ireland community activists we are inviting contributions from other community groups.

You can send us your material or we would be very happy to present the project in person to your group.  Everyone from complete beginners to experienced creatives are welcome.

…we say it’s a writing group, but it’s not, it is more a space for people to express what they are feeling and that was the importance because a lot of people feel that they will be left behind”- Paul