Lockdown Liberties

Lockdown Liberties was a project undertaken during the early stages of the pandemic in order to keep connected with one another during those trying days.  People were able to find hope through the creative process of writing.  This group was important in giving the participants an avenue to express their deepest thoughts and share their stories particularly for those who often have difficulty doing so. Those involved found a personal growth throughout the project and gained confidence, not only within their writing but within themselves. Many found it a way to gain distance from their troubles which was often the subject of their writing.

What is about

Spanning themes of poverty, homelessness, addiction, love, family and more, the creation of this book brought great comfort to the writers, and it is hoped that it will bring comfort to the reader also.  It is difficult to engage with art when we cannot recognise ourselves within it.  This project was undertaken with the knowledge that poetry, art and culture has all too often been restricted as a pursuit for the upper and middle classes.  This body of work demonstrates that those experiencing poverty have immense talent and creativity which should not be overlooked.  It is invaluable to learn that your story you’re your voice is important.  Encouraging everyone in society to explore and unlock their creative potential will lead to a more inclusive space and will only enable arts and culture to blossom.  There were eight writers in total who took part in this project and their work will be featured alongside poems from President Michael D Higgins and Senator Lynn Ruane in a book which will be launched at the end of October.  Poems from this project will also be displayed in an exhibition at the EPIC centre at the end of October. 


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