ATD Ireland are working on a new project funded by IHREC; Breaking barriers: A participatory approach to defining socio- economic discrimination.  This project will bring together the voices of those with lived experience of poverty and socio- economic discrimination, academics and professionals working in the community and voluntary sector.  In a participatory way, we hope to raise awareness and build a deeper understanding of socio- economic discrimination, working to create a robust definition which will help progress the #Addthe10th campaign.

Through our experience campaigning for a socio- economic status ground over the last number of years, a frequent obstacle we have come across is the question of ‘How to define socio- economic discrimination’.  This project will attempt to answer it, taking into consideration knowledge from different groups.  We will do this through individual interviews, group discussions, art, film and other methods. We hope that the end products will allow us to better engage with policymakers and progress the campaign.

Beyond creating an overall definition and pin pointing the main characteristics, we hope to continue to delve further into the causes of socio- economic discrimination and impacts on individuals and communities and understand the human lived experience.

This project will also enable us to develop more tools which will help us raise awareness of SED among the public and as an extension of our poverty- aware practice. 

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