Your Rights Are Written in Stone!

To mark the 10th anniversary of the unveiling of the Dublin Human Rights and Poverty Stone on Cutsom House Quay (Dublin 1), the Irish 17 October Committee and ATD are facilitating a series of workshops in the North East Inner City of Dublin. This project is entitled  “Your Rights Are Written In Stone”.

Participants will talk about human rights and poverty and discover ATD’s new exhibition of banners illustrating the history and international context of the Dublin Human Rights and Poverty Stone.

Participants will also be invited to write, draw or paint a word, name or image you associate with basic human rights and poverty on a small stone which will be included in a very special exhibition on next End Poverty Day, 17 October 2018.

Discover here the banners from the exhibition!

Download the exhibition booklet here!

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This project is supported by the Dublin City Council and the Department of the Taoiseach via the North East Inner City Programme!