Arrival of Dann, Mary and Stewart to ATD Ireland team

The team and friends of ATD Ireland are delighted to welcome 3 new team members who have just arrived in Ireland. Dann Kenningham from Yorkshire and London Town, who arrives with his family, is a member of the International Volunteer Corps of ATD Fourth World and has worked previously with ATD in the Philippines, Belgium, France and the UK. Stewart and Mary McMurchie from Scotland, and also members of the International Volunteers Corps, have worked with ATD in France, Canada and the UK. We wish them all the best with their new mission in Ireland and we greatly value their many years of experience…

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This lockdown is a lesson to be learnt from!

"In this period of lockdown we have all in many ways been made aware of what it means to lose your freedom... to live in isolation... to have reduced choices… to have a finger pointed at you. This is giving people an insight into what we are living - me and many people struggling in our own community live this reality day-to-day." Paul Uzell Community Activist This lockdown is a lesson to be learnt from. Have you ever considered social maltreatment as a dimension of poverty? In 2019, ATD Fourth World International and Oxford University carried out participatory research in 7…

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Messenger Birds

ATD Fourth World is part of a worldwide, child-led network called Tapori. Its motto is: “We want all children to have the same chances”.Around the world, children are experiencing lockdown and are cut off from their friends. This is why ATD Ireland is inviting children in Ireland to create Messenger Birds describing their experiences and their hopes for the future. The birds help children to share words of friendship and encouragement with one another.Please click here for step by step instructions showing how children can take part. You can also watch this video created by the UK End Child Poverty Coalition.For the children:Send a…

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Leave No One Behind Art Gallery

Here are two paintings I did recently. They didn't take too long to do, however it is clear that life on land and in water is something that is important to me. #leavenoonebehind In my community I have been noticing the sight and sound of lots of beautiful, colourful birds that are out and about making the most from this time of limited pollution and human greed/destruction. I would like to see a society where nature is not overlooked and where animals and flowers and trees are plentiful and thriving. This picture is something quite special for me. I have a…

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Leave No One Behind Art Project

"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." Vincent Van Gogh INVITATION TO OUR ART PROJECT: Hello everyone 🥰 We hope that you are all safe and keeping well ♥️✨ We wanted to start a little art project together during this time. So for those who are feeling creative - grab a pen, a pencil, a brush or whatever you have and draw, write, paint or colour something about what it means FOR YOU to LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND. For instance, you could base your idea on…

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Corona Virus Update

To read a message from the International leadership team with regards to the current pandemic please click here. We are encouraging people to keep connected through the net. You can follow our updates on Twitter and Facebook.  Sending positive energy and virtual hugs to you all.

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“Soul Restoring”: The Values of the ATD Fourth World Community – ATD FOURTH WORLD UK

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From left: Amanda Button, Moraene Roberts, and Thomas Mayes In March, 2019, three ATD Fourth World members talked about how their experience of poverty forged their roles as activists. Below they describe why they value ATD’s approach, and what they see as key steps forward.  Sadly, Moraene Roberts passed away in January, 2020. Her memory continues to inspire all who knew her. Moraene Roberts: The first step, before becoming an activist, is recognising yourself as part of a community in poverty, part of the ATD Fourth World community. When I first came here, I didn’t think of myself as being “in poverty”.…

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Community Platform Election Manifesto 2020

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In the run-up to Elections 2020 ATD Ireland was delighted to help the Community Platform develop a values based manifesto and materials to promote it. The values are Community, Participation and Decency and must be put to the forefront in Elections 2020. Electing people who will deliver on these values on the 8th February will help achieve the type of inclusive society we all want to live in. Below is the Election 2020 Manifesto and a Public Leaflet with questions people can ask candidates who knock on your door. You can also view the MyValuesMyVote video and follow the Community Platform twitter @CommunityP_IRL and website The…

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