31 May

The ‘Magnificent 17’ Strike Back and Will Transform Our World!


The ‘Magnificent 17‘ are riding back into Dublin Town on Monday 5 June 2017 to promote the 17 Global Goals for better future for people and the planet:

The “Magnificent 17” will gather at the entrance of St. Stephen’s Green at 1 pm on Monday 5 June on ‘horse back’ before they dismount and set off come hail, rain or shine on the Vhi’s Dublin Women’s Mini-Marathon.

The ‘Magnificent 17‘ are friends and volunteers of All Together in Dignity.

There will be 17 horses, each emblazoned with one of the 17 goals. The 17 Cowgirls will have buckets on the day to raise money for ATD. The money collected will be used in 2 ways:

70% will be sent to Manila to support ATD’s Street Libraries in the Philippines. The street libraries are a simple way to allow children living in a country marked by a lot of violence with a place to gather and learn. For the facilitators it’s about ‘sharing our knowledge with them’
30% will be used by ATD Ireland to further promote the Global Goals among young adults at the European Youth Meeting in August 2017.

Donations can also be made through www.altruism.ie


29 May

Support Literacy Projects for Children in Manila and Youth Solidarity Projects in Dublin!

Join All Together in Dignity Ireland volunteers in their 2017 Mini-Marathon challenge! Help us to collect sponsorship and support ATD in Manila and Dublin. For every €10 collected, €3 will fund our work in Ireland and €7 will be sent to the ATD team in the Phillipines.

Our challenge:

to raise €2,500 for the ATD Street Libraries in Manila
and €1,000 for the activities of the ATD Youth Group in Ireland!

Alongside nearly 40,000 other women in the biggest all-women’s charity event in the world, the ATD Mini-Marathon team will run on Monday 5th June!

Support us now!

Fundraise around you with our sponsorship card 2017 and lodge the money collected using on of the links below!

Donate on the Marathon page on Altruism Ireland!

Or via the regular ATD fundraising pages:


In July 2012, the ATD team in the Philippines launched its literacy programme Ang Galing in impoverished communities of Manila. Ang Galing are Street Libraries that supports children aged 6-14 to read and write. It builds up the self confidence of the children through having one to one teaching sessions. Our Mini-Marathon goal is to raise €2,500 to support ATD in Manila!

In the Summer 2017 a group of 20 Irish young adults including young people from very deprived backgrounds will join 200 other young adults from all over the EU at a “Solidarity Festival for the Future of Europe”. This festival of workshops and training opportunities will take place in the Netherlands. €5,000 are needed to fund the participation of te Irish delegation! Our Mini-Marathon goal is to raise €1,000 to support this ATD Dublin project!

You can be part of the ATD dream team and help us make of 5th June a major fundraising day for ATD!

27 May

Enabling citizens from the margins to make their essential contribution to addressing together the challenges facing our world!

From 2013 to 2016, ATD International continued its commitment with vulnerable populations so that they could make their essential contribution to addressing together the challenges facing our world!

Read the foreword to the triennial ATD International activity report by Mr. Cassam Uteem, President of the International Movement ATD Fourth World and download the report here (66 pages)!

For many people around the world, recent years have been very harsh, brutal. Several countries, particularly in Africa and the Middle East, have experienced daily violence. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the number of people forcibly displaced worldwide exceeded 60 million for the first time, and more than a million people crossed the Mediterranean in 2015 to seek refuge in European countries. Without being the sole factors, poverty and inequalities within and between countries played a role in this suffering.

Though some countries are closing their borders, others are being more generous; at the local level, citizens are mobilizing. In Beirut, in an underprivileged neighbourhood where life has always been difficult, some families close to ATD Fourth World are putting a lot of effort into welcoming Syrian refugee families. In this country, currently hosting more than a million refugees, mothers tell us:

“Whether we are Lebanese or not, we all have the same need for solidarity, the same need to give each other strength”.

Elsewhere, in the Central African Republic, young people with direct experience of extreme poverty are relentlessly resisting the violence of armed conflict, taking risks to reach children, bringing them books and enabling them, despite everything, to learn and hope. They believe that with culture, with books, they can “disarm minds.”

Despite this context, 2015 has been an exceptional year with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate change. The international community is coming together to take responsibility for challenges that have no boundaries. Of course, these agreements could have been more ambitious and more specific, particularly when it comes to financing their implementation, but they set major guidelines and points of support to promote peace and justice.

In these international negotiations, ATD Fourth World spared no effort to make the voice of the poorest populations heard in order to avoid a compounded violence against them: that of poverty, exclusion, and the climate disruption that they are the first to suffer from; and also that of policies designed without their participation, thus worsening their lot when implemented. ATD Fourth World carried the message of those who, in spite of their own harsh lives, do not hesitate to take risks to stand in solidarity with vulnerable people, in order to leave no one behind. This call refers to an approach based on human rights, the only approach that can ensure that even the most isolated are reached, and the necessity to rely on the intelligence and experience of the poorest communities. This human rights-based approach is further developed in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, adopted by the UN in September 2012.

What is crucial now is to bring governments, the private sector and all stakeholders and citizens together in order to pursue economic and social development policies in a coherent manner while adapting to climate change and keeping the focus on “ending poverty in all its forms everywhere” as provided by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the UN General Assembly on September 25, 2015.

From 2013 to 2015, ATD Fourth World continued its commitment with vulnerable populations so that they could make their essential contribution to addressing together the challenges facing our world: the right to live on this earth for millions of families displaced due to poverty, war, or the consequences of climate change; the pursuit of peace in all countries; the battle against unemployment in societies where far too many are condemned to uselessness; the implementation of social protection floors in countries where the informal economy condemns populations to insecurity; and the progress of quality education for all, everywhere.

Partnering with populations living in extreme poverty, creating spaces for dialogue between these populations, authorities and social partners, supporting the efforts of the poorest to keep their families and communities united, and leaving no one behind, these are the keys to ensuring that promises are kept and that societies progress towards greater justice and dignity on a path to peace.




Mr. Cassam Uteem, President of the International Movement ATD Fourth World

19 May

Eurofound welcomed “OUR VOICES”!

On the 17th May, Irish participants from the Our Voices Project visited the European Institution Eurofound. The participants from the project were volunteers of ATD Ireland and members of the NWICTDP. The visit was an opportunity for the participants to visit a European agency and get an understanding of the work of an EU agency based in Ireland.

We were welcomed to Eurofound by the Deputy Director, Erika Mezger. She explained to us that Eurofound is the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. Here they undertake research on the living and working conditions of European Citizens across the 28 Member States. This research is done on a huge scale and includes topics such as quality of life, access to healthcare, access to social benefits etc. The purpose of the research is to compare and contrast findings among the member states and also to inform and influence policy. This was followed by a lively discussion on more general topics such as the future of a more social Europe and our responsibility in creating that future!

We were then given the opportunity to present our own work from the EU Project ‘Our Voices’. Here ATD Volunteers presented the different phases of the project and the findings that emerged.

This was received very well by those from Eurofound as our findings were mostly in line with their own research on access to, and treatment within the healthcare system. This was a way for participants within in the project to make the link between our own experiences and how this can influence policy on a European level.

The visit to a European institution in our own backyard was extremely interesting and shows us that ‘Europe’ isn’t this thing that happens far away from us but that our experiences and opinions actually matter. The research being done in Eurofound is important, as it really gives a voice to the lived experiences of the people and what these experiences means for us as individuals and citizens of Europe. Now let’s just hope the policy makers are listening!

We would like to thank all at Eurofound for their warm welcome and for giving us the opportunity to explore a European agency.

17 May

On 20 May, ATD joins the 2017 Famine Walk prepared by Afri!

On Saturday the 20th May, ATD activist and volunteers will join volunteers from Afri in the Famine Walk 2017 From Hunger and War…to a Home and a Welcome?”.

2017 is a special year for both ATD and Afri as it marks the 30th Anniversary of this famine walk and also the 30th Anniversary of the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

For 30 years Afri has walked the famine road through the Doolough Valley in County Mayo. People from all over the country have walked this road over the last three decades, sharing their experiences with one another.

This year’s walk will link the experience of Irish people who were forced to flee on coffin ships during An Gorta Mór in the nineteenth century with refugees crossing the Mediterranean today, some of whom, if they survive, may end up in Direct Provision Centres in Ireland.

Irish people have travelled all over the world in search of a safe place to call home; to escape poverty, fear and exploitation. Today Ireland is in a position to take a lead role in addressing the situation of refugees; one of the biggest issues facing our world today. Drawing on our own experience of famine and immigration, we must tackle this critical issue as well as tackling the forces that are causing it.

For ATD, 2017 marks 30 years since our founder, Joseph Wresinski, initiated the first, of what is now known as the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty on the 17th October.

This is a very important day in the ATD calender as it as a platform for those who have been affected by the violence of poverty to use their voice and for that voice to be listened to. For the 30th Anniversary ATD are running a year long campaign called Stop Poverty. This is a campaign to show the world that by coming together in solidarity with those who are most affected by poverty, we can overcome it.

ATD activist and volunteers marching on the 20th May in Mayo will invite all participants to support this campaign.

To find out more about this campaign visit www.poverty-stop.org.

So join us on this special year as we march together to create a just and equal world for all.

More on the Famine Walk here!

14 May

A Membership to Support the Work of the Board! A few words about our 2017 AGM!

At a time of global campaigning with the #StopPoverty Call to Action, 20 Company Members of ATD Ireland gathered on Saturday the 13th of May for the formal Annual General Meeting.

The meeting took place in the very special context of the 60th anniversary of ATD’s inception and was an opportunity to  celebrate 60 years of activism & hope against poverty, a work that has its roots in the mobilisation of families  living in a slum on the outskirts of Paris, France in 1957.

The AGM had a greater attendance in membership following an initiative of the Board. After the 2016 AGM, the ATD Board decided to start a process in order to increase the number of Company members. In order to create a stronger membership representing the diversity of the supporters of ATD, the Board aims to gather 40 friends of ATD in the Company membership by the end of 2018. This process will strengthen the monitoring as well as the support of the Board’s work by involving the members in the discussions of the Annual General Meeting. (list of company members on 28 April 2017)

The AGM was the opportunity to proceed to elections of a new Board. The renewed Board after the AGM will meet most probably end of June or in July. Members are: Juliette Péchenart, Isabelle Pypaert-Perrin, Marie Williams, Gary Broderick, Martin Byrne (Secretary), Gerald Doherty (chair), Hugh Frazer and Patrick O’Gorman (Treasurer).

ATD’s Board took time to present the Annual Activity Report and the 2016 Financial Report. The Activity Report that puts together the highlights and progress made on several major ATD projects over the course of 2016. Filled with photos and quotes from ATD’s friends and volunteers, the report captures the essence of ATD’s work, sharing memories of happiness and hardship with all those involved with our work.

The report goes through the annual events organized by ATD Ireland, including the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty (Oct 17th), which gained extra momentum this year with the presence of President Michael D. Higgins. The highlights from this event include excerpts from the President’s speech alongside the testimonies provided by the friends and families working with ATD.