Poverty Awareness Resources



What strikes you?

Describe what you see…


Further Reflection
(looking closer at the tree)

Who is in the picture?

What does the tree represent, and why? 

Is there any significance to the many words represented?

Is there any significance to the the colouring?

Is there anything you would add to the image?



What are the main messages?

What do these messages mean to you?

What have you learned?

Is there anything that stood out to you?

What comes to mind?


Further Reflection

Any thoughts, comments, or concerns?

There are people who have been left behind, what do you think?

Zoom Recording of 17th October End Poverty Day Event:
Testimonial – Folashade (29:00 – 34:06) 

Chapter 1:  0:00 – 1:10
What does poverty mean?

Chapter 2:  1:10 – 2:01
Lack of control over choices.

Chapter 3:  2:04 – 2:55
Financial insecurity, financial exclusion & debt.

Chapter 4:  2:55 – 4:52
Disempowering systems, structures &policies.

Chapter 5:  4:52 – 6:25
Stigma, blame & judgement

Chapter 6:  6:25 – 7:08
Damaged health & well-being

Chapter 7:  7:08 – End
Unrecognised skills, struggles and contributions.

What does Poverty Mean?