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I am not discouraged in spite of the scope of extreme poverty. I have been through everything that the poor have to go through, all they have endured. Yet I have always spoken these words of hope: extreme poverty does not have to exist. Human beings create it and they are the ones who can put an end to it. No one accepts that poverty should continue, and especially not the poorest people. That’s why I am certain that things will change, that poverty will be overcome. Violence will change nothing, but love and justice together will. Friends, I leave each of you with this question: Am I really working for a Europe to which everyone can belong? Will whatever I do, whatever I say, whatever I suggest lead to a Europe where the poorest are at last set free? Will it bring about a Europe of Human Rights?
Joseph Wresinksi, Founder of ATD, June 1987
All Together in Dignity – ATD Fourth World is an international human-rights movement that works through grass-roots projects in partnership with people living in poverty. All around the world, it remains focused on constantly reaching out to the most vulnerable families, those who have a long history of poverty and educational disadvantage even in the so-called developed countries.
For the past 17 years, ATD in Ireland has been close to family members facing persistent poverty and struggling daily to live in dignity. In November 2014, friends and volunteers met for the first time to draft an document about the identity of ATD in Ireland. Four meetings took place in 2015 to move ahead in this collective and participatory process. This work led in July 2015 to the adoption of  the “Who We Are Together” Declaration.
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ATD Fourth World-Ireland is a company limited by guarantee not having a share capital, registered in Dublin. Registered Number 475746 –
The Company has charitable status: Registered Charity Number 20072131 (Visit ATD’s page on the Charity Regulation Authority Website) – Revenue Charity Number CHY 18678
Registered Office: 30 Mountjoy Square East, Dublin 1, D01 K2F6

ATD Memorandum of Association registered in 2009
ATD on the Charity Regulator Website

The Income and Expenditure Accounts of ATD Fourth World-Ireland is audited by Nolan & Associates, Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors, 302/304 The Capel Building, Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7.

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Laoise Talty, Gail Seekamp, Elaine Phelan, Marie Williams, Isabelle Pypaert-Perrin (ATD International), Juliette Pechenart (Treasurer), Gerald Doherty (Chairperson), Martin Byrne (Secretary), Hugh Frazer.

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List of members of the registered Company (09/04/2018)
ATD Ireland Membership Kit April 2017

Full-time volunteer Dublin team:
Charlotte Tiffoin, Claire O’Rourke, Aoife O’Fearghail, Mark Hogan, Fabienne and Pierre Klein. Pierre Klein has been designated “national coordinator” by the Board of Directors in November 2013.

In November 2017, the Board of ATD Ireland started the journey to prepare ATD Ireland to fully comply with the Governance Code, a Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland.
ATD Ireland is working on a GDPR compliance strategy and an updated Data Protection and Privacy Policy as agreed on by the Board on 23rd May 2018.
ATD Ireland is compliant to the Regulation of Lobbying legislation. Registration has been made in April 2018 (first full-time employee in March 2018). The first “return” by ATD will take place in May 2018.
The current Safeguarding Policy documents have been approved and adopted by the Board of Directors of ATD at their meeting on 13 February 2017. Marie Williams (member of the Board) is the designated person for Safeguarding referals.

ATD Safeguarding Policy for Children
ATD Safeguarding Policy for Vulnerable Adults
Data Protection and Privacy Policy