28 Dec

ATD in 2o17: an overview of 2×17 ATD events

Take time to re-discover the year 2017
of ATD Ireland in 2×17=34 events!

Event 1 – A new team to start the year!

Event 2 – In January ATD joins the Appolo House Movement
to “End Homelessness”

Event 3 – Long starts the sculpture of Joseph Wresinski’s bust
(Centenary of birth)

Event 4 – 12 Feb: centenary of Wresinski’s birth –
the Stop Poverty Campaign starts (see international video here below)

Event 5 – European Meeting of the “Our Voices” Project (in France)

Event 6 – St Patrick’s Day – launch of the 2017 fundraising challenge

Event 7 – With the ESC Rights Initiative: Human Rights Conference
in Mansion House

Event 8 – Launch of “When Voices Unite”
with the Opera du Rhin Youth Choir

Event 9 – In the spring of 2017, ATD run a pilote of “Leave No One Behind” workshops with groups of young people
– Here in the Cavan Youth Centre

Event 10 – An Irish “Our Voices” delegation meet experts of Eurofound
in Dublin

Event 11 – The 30th Famine Walk participants say “Stop Poverty”.
ATD joins the Walk

Event 12 – At the 2017 AGM, the ATD board of Directors welcomes
25 new members in the registered Company

Event 13 – A “Wresinski Legacy” workshop with members
of the Polish Community in Dublin

Event 14 – On behalf of the Irish End Poverty Day Committee,
ATD presents a “17 October” Exhibition
at the 2017 Social Inclusion Forum

Event 15 – Mairead McGuinness, Vice President of the European Parliament, launches the “Our Voices” report in Strasbourg

Event 16 – The bust of Joseph Wresinski by ATD volunteer Long
is unveiled at the Alliance Française in Dublin

Event 17 – ATD supports the All Island Global Goals Cycle tour
with the Global Citizenship Schools

Event 18 – Final “Our Voices” event at the Irish Equality and Human Rights Commission in Dublin with the Community Platform
(an overview of the project here:

Event 19 – Masterclass with Professor Victor Friedman from Israel,
one of the leader of the “Learning from success” approach

Event 20 – Strategic planning meeting with members of ATD international

Event 21 – Rememberance meeting to pay homage to activist Brendan Core
(with attendance of his children and siblings)

Event 22 – Giant banners near the Famine Statues
to mark 2017 #ActionAgainstPoverty Mandela Day

Event 23 – “Stop Poverty” workshop during the Festival of Nations
in Mountjoy Square

    Event 24 – Irish Delegation of young adults flying to the European meeting “European Youth Rise Up Against Poverty”
(Netherland, August 2017)

Event 25 – ATD volunteers with Dublin GAA player Johnny Cooper
at the “Stronger Together” event in Mountjoy Square 

Event 26 – “Will Ireland Light the Way Again?” march with Coalition 2030 , marking the 2nd Anniversary of the adoption of the 2030 Agenda

Event 27 – New ATD Youth Group “Unity in the Community” wins a €5,000 grant from the Coca Cola Thank You Fund
for the 2018 “Ireland, I Have a Dream” project

Surprise of 2017 – “Playing For Change” supports the ATD Stop Poverty Campaign with the Song Around The World “With my own two hands”!

Event 28 – Launch of the Global Goals Boats during the End Poverty Day
Gathering at the Human Rights and Poverty Stone

Event 29 – “When Voices Unite” gathering to mark UN End Poverty Day
(more pictures and videos from End Poverty Day at www.17october.ie/gallery2017)

Event 30 – Sing along evening with Cathal Holland
(“When Voices Unite” project)

Event 31 – Launch of “If Only You Knew – Stories of Change”
at the DCU Library

Event 32 – To mark Human Rights Day and Universal Health Coverage Day, ATD and the Community Platform
launch the “Health Inequalities” infographic

Event 33 – Street Collection during ATD’s Christmas
fundraising challenge

Event 34 – Santa takes over and runs the Stop poverty Campaign on Christmas Day

And in 2018…

Follow the End Poverty Year with the 2018 End Poverty Calendar
prepared by ATD for the Irish End Poverty Day Committee!

Join the ATD 2018 Campaign “Let’s Walk As One to Stop Poverty”!

27 Dec

Participation and Human Rights to Leave No One Behind! ATD reacts to the draft Irish SDGs plan!

The  ATD Ireland and 17 October Committee submission to the National SDG Implementation Plan welcomes the December 2017 first draft of the Irish Agenda 2030 Implementation Plan. The short time-frame and the limited circulation for the consultative process will probably impact its quality.  We hope that the Governmental team which will finalize the plan will be able to take into account the various inputs.

The ATD Ireland and 17 October Committee submission suggests that the plan can be strengthened by an increased emphasis on:

  • The “Leave No One Behind” promise
  • Participation of the most vulnerable
  • Consistency with EU frameworks
  • Realizing Human Rights for All
  • A Way for Ireland  to Light the Way
23 Dec

3 month internship with ATD starting in February 2018

ATD Ireland is seeking a motivated person to join their small and dynamic team for a 3 month long internship.

The internship is designed to give an opportunity for dedicated and talented individuals to gain experience working for the protection of human rights and the promotion of the sustainable development goals through a wide variety of grass roots projects.

This internship offers a great opportunity to gain first-hand experience of working within a local NGO while also gaining experience of how ATD International operates, with teams in 40 countries worldwide. The intern will be involved with the organisation of a number of events and campaigns, learning from ATD long-term volunteers about specific participatory approaches to poverty.

Interns spend three months at ATD Irelands office in Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1.

This internship is unpaid however upon successful completion participants will be considered for an additional three month long training programme which includes an accommodation payment and a monthly stipend.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

The intern will support the team and participate in the organisation of several major events and campaigns:

– The launch and the implementation of the project “Your Rights are written in Stone” ahead of the 10th anniversary of the Human Rights and Poverty Stone unveiled near the Famine Statues on Custom House Quay.

– The organisation and facilitation of workshops for youth groups as part of the “Ireland, I have a dream” project marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King.

– The launch and the implementation of the project “The Leave No One Behind Conversations”. This series of debate is designed to reinforce the citizens and states’ commitments towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the pledge to leave no one behind.

Read more about the internship and the ways to apply here!

Send us your CV and cover letter before 22nd January 2018 at board@atdireland.ie


17 Dec

So That Everyone Is Able to Celebrate!

You will find below our International Winter 2017 Fundraising Appeal to support the work of the Overseas ATD Volunteer Corps! If you wish, please share it with your contacts and friends. This would be a great support to our work in Ireland and beyond. We thank you in advance and share with you best wishes for the season’s celebrations!

This message is an invitation to support ATD’s grassroots work with the most disadvantaged children, young people, and families in order to build relationships of solidarity between them and people of very different walks of life. Your international gift can make a difference. You can also make a donation to ATD Ireland here.


So That Everyone Is Able to Celebrate

“I was in a group home as a child, and they used to make us sing at Christmas. Can you picture it? Alone, so far from our parents, brothers, and sisters, with our defeated voices, being forced to sing about peace on earth!”

One Christmas Eve, a man named Bob said this to Ronald, an ATD volunteer. How many people might recognise themselves in Bob’s situation? Every year, Christmas leaves painful scars on some people, while others enjoy gifts and glittering trees.

Ronald first got to know Bob thirty-nine years ago. He told me:

“Bob is the person who welcomed me when I first came to ATD. I have to admit that I was sometimes quite afraid of Bob. I grew up in the countryside and I had simply come to help out. With Bob, all of a sudden, I found myself staring into the deep abyss of poverty.

“Life was never easy for him. He was always faced with impossible choices and forced into contradictory actions. When he was 50, already worn out and drained, he left his wife and children. He said, ‘The only thing to do was to go into exile.’

“He began living at a camping site, and that’s where I went regularly to visit him, where I’d sit and listen to his words pouring out for hours on end like an inexhaustible, violent cascade. But beneath the flow of words, there were also precious moments when I could see how he cared for others. One of his neighbours told me, ‘He’s often up all night, just walking alone around the campground. And in the morning, I sometimes find surprises from him, like a mint candy, or a little flower tucked into the gate in front of my home.’

“Until Bob’s death, I went to visit him every year at Christmas. It was always tricky, because the holiday could be so painful for him. Christmas reminded him of his own childhood, and also violently confronted him with his feeling of not having been a better father to his own children. But he never learned how to do that — he had no chance to learn how. Once, he showed me photos of his children. He kept the photos hidden because he couldn’t bear to see the look in their eyes that asked, ‘Why, Dad?’

“Bob’s son told me, ‘When I was little, I didn’t understand why, on Christmas morning, we’d find our tree knocked to the floor and the cookies we had baked together floating in a sink full of water. Dad would pretend the cat had done it, but that’s not what happened.’

“Bob always hated Christmas. It made him want to shout with rage. And yet it was Bob who taught me what Christmas is. It’s with him that I learned, year after year, that Christmas cannot be Christmas if someone is suffering. It can’t be Christmas if people are cut off from their family. It can’t be Christmas unless everyone is able to celebrate.

“Getting to know Bob shook me up and gave me the strength to dare set foot in his world. He gave me the courage to open up and to discover the best of what people in deep poverty have to offer. The days we spent together connected us in a fundamental way. This is at the heart of my commitment to overcoming poverty.”

In  December 1980, Joseph Wresinski, the founder
of All Together in Dignity – ATD Fourth World,
said this about joining ATD’s Volunteer Corps:
“We don’t ask you who your parents are
or whether you follow a religion or belong to a group.

All we say is, ‘There are people calling out to be heard
— come to be with them.’”

ATD’s Volunteer Corps members make a long-term commitment alongside people in deep poverty. To continue to make this possible, we need help from all those who agree that the injustice of extreme poverty must end. Thank you for your support and your donations.

Wishing you well in this holiday season.

Isabelle Pypaert Perrin
Director General, ATD International
Member of the Board of Directors of ATD Ireland


14 Dec

The ATD Christmas Raffle! Join the challenge to keep our 2017 accounts in the green zone!


From the 15th to the 31st December 2017 ATD needs to collect €3,000 to make ends meet. This means finding 300 friends and supporters ready to offer us the cost of two pints during the coming “Christmas” month!

With these €3,000 we have to cover some 2017 costs of the following activities:

– the training of our volunteers (€500)
– the “European Djynamo Youth Network” project involving young people from various background (including early school leavers and unemployed youth) to meet and develop solidarity projects – in particular in 2017 the participation to a major European meeting over the Summer. (€1,000)
– the awareness projects promoting the new 17 Sustainable Development Goals (€500)
– our home support visits to households facing hardships because of poverty. (€1,000)

Help us to meet the challenge!

1 – Enter the ATD Special Christmas Raffle  for the cost of pint and invite your contacts to do so! For every €5 donated you will secure for yourself one entry ticket in the raffle!
Donate €20 and your name will appear on 4 tickets in the draw bowl on Monday 1st January (New deadlines!!!!)! If many people donate a small amount we may reach quickly our €3,000 target. So please invite people you know, relatives, friends, to make a gift to ATD!

Donations on-line can be made via:
Altruism IrelandPayPal
  Charity Checkout Benevity Causes


Prizes will include:
– 1 special pottery creation by Carol Betera and the Botanic Pottery, a published illustrator of children’s books (See Hugo and the Sunshine Girl and more). In 2017 Carol donated drawings for the book “If Only you knew”.
– The copy of the painting by French painter Fabienne Klein chosen for the cover page of “I Only You Knew”
– 2 Water Colors by French painter Jean Claude Thibaut
– T-Shirts, Books, Calendars, Greetings cards and more to come!

Donate before Monday 1st January 2018 at 12noon to be part of the Draw!
You will be informed of the result by Tuesday 2nd January (new deadlines)!

 2 – Raise your voice! Join our special Christmas choir and perform with us on Tuesday 19 December late afternoon/evening on Graffton Street! The event will be followed by an ATD Christmas get together. Contact us: volunteering@atdireland.ie

3 – Show love and solidarity! ATD Greeting Cards are now available!


Donate just €50 cents and we offer you 1 card! € 5 and we offer you 10 cards! All Together in Dignity Ireland’s greeting cards are meaningful. They have been created by members and friends of ATD throughout the world. Using these cards expresses your support for the cause of fighting poverty. Ordering these cards is a way to make a financial donation and support this cause. Contact us by e-mail or phone to 01 855 81 91 to get details about the cards available! Additionnal postage costs : Up to 10 cards € 2 – from 12 to 30 cards: € 3,50  – from 31 to 50 cards: € 5

4 – Make of “If Only You Knew” a hit present under your Christmas tree!
If you donate €15 or more, you will enter the raffle and we are happy to send you a copy of ATD’s new book “If Only You Knew”. This book is a very appropriate Christmas present. Its message of hope, resilience and liberation are just what the day is about! Donate and send us an e-mail to get the book! If you decide to donate €30, we will send you 3 copies of the book!

Donation on-line to get the book can be made via:
Altruism IrelandPayPal
  Charity Checkout Benevity Causes

5 – Take the leadership!
Plan a fundraising event!
We are happy to support you!
Contact us: volunteering@atdireland.ie



12 Dec

The Long Walk To Freedom on Human Rights Day – Episode 3

For the 3rd time, our annual “Long Walk to Freedom” took place on Human Rights Day 2017, the 10th December.

This year again the walk stopped at significant place in Dublin 1. Here you can download the guide to the walk and below discover the pictures taken at the different stops!

The home MemorialThe Magdalena LaundriesThe Amnesty SculptureThe James Connolly StatueThe Famine MemorialThe Huan Rights and Poverty Stone

12 Dec

Equal Right to Health for All! ATD and the Community Platform raise awareness on Health Inequalities!






On Universal Health Coverage Day the Community Platform with the support of ATD Ireland as published a leaflet and poster which highlight shocking facts which show that the equal right to health is being denied to those experiencing poverty, social exclusion and inequality and to call on the Government to bring about change.

It has also published the final report from the “Health as a Human Right” seminar held jointly by the Community Platform and All Together in Dignity as part of the “Our Voices” project in June 2017 which is available to download here.

The leaflet and poster call on everyone to take action by informing themselves of the reality; demanding that the Government implement the reforms outlines in the SlainteCare report; remind the Government of it’s commitments in Health Ireland to addressing health inequalities and promote the Public Sector Duty  which places a legal duty on all public sector bodies have regard to eliminating discrimination, promoting equality and protecting human rights in their daily work.

Download the Community Platform Press Release here: Equal Right to Health for All.

Download the Leaflet  and the Poster.

These materials are being disseminated as a follow up to Six principles for an inclusive health policy published in December 2016.

10 Dec

Human Rights Day 2017 – Our call on all Senators and TDs!

Open call from ATD Ireland
on Human Rights Day 2017

The protection and recognition
of Human Rights starts at home!

Four urgent steps to make rights real
for all in Ireland!

Dear Senators, Dear TDs,
A few hours before the Human Rigths Day events organised by All Together in Dignity in the National Gallery of Ireland and in the Dublin North Inner City, we allow ourselves to call on you to make rights real for all the Irish citizens facing for years consistent poverty and marginalisation. Here are the four steps we invite you to consider in order to walk at home, the talk of the Tánaiste at the occasion of the Human Rights Day 2017.
1. To implement the 2012 UN Guiding Principles on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights. Ireland just adopted a strategy on Business and Human Rights based on the 2011 UN Guiding Principles. We invite you to initiate a similar process based on the 2012 Guiding Principles. This work could inspire both the new Action Plans for Social Inclusion and the Agenda 2030 implementation strategy to be adpoted by Ireland in 2018.
2. With all the other members of the Irish Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Initiative, ATD Ireland is calling on you to accept the recommendation of the Irish Constitutional Convention. In February 2015, the citizens gathered in the Convention asked you to strengthen the protection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Irish Constitution. In the context of the current homelessness and housing crisis, an important first move would be to prepare a referendum to introduce a right to housing in Bunreacht na hÉireann. Many countries around the world did it! We believe Ireland can do it too!
3. With all the other members of the Community Platform, we can’t accept the severe health inequalities experienced by the most vulnerable in Ireland. Poverty is an early death sentence. On Human Rights Day we call on you to make sure both Sláinte Care and the Equality and Human Rights Public Sector Duty are implemented in a robust way with a priority delivery for the one who suffer most from the inequalities in the health care services.
4. On 9th November 2017, a majority of Dáil Éireann supported Deputy Jim O’ Callaghan and Deputy Fiona O’ Loughlin Private Bill to amend the Employment Equality Act 1998 and the Equal Status Act 2000 by prohibiting discrimination on the basis of a person’s social and economic background. Today we call on you to support this process and recognise this new “discrimination ground” in the Irish equality laws framework. We believe this is a needed step to improve access to and delivery of Human Rights provision for the most vulnerable.
01 Dec

Show love and solidarity! ATD Greeting Cards are now available!


All Together in Dignity Ireland’s greeting cards are meaningful. They have been created by members and friends of ATD throughout the world.

Using these cards expresses your support for the cause of fighting poverty.

Ordering these cards is a way to make a financial donation and support this cause.

Contact us by e-mail or phone to 01 855 81 91 to get details about the cards available!

Donations: Now donate just €50 Cents and we offer you 1 card! € 5 and we offer you 10 cards!

Additionnal postage costs : Up to 10 cards € 2 – from 12 to 30 cards: € 3,50  – from 31 to 50 cards: € 5