From the 3rd until the 6th of April last, a large delegation of over 20 staff, volunteers and friends of ATD Ireland left together to meet and explore the ATD UK team and offices.

The majority of the time was spent not only getting to know the UK delegation and learning about  who they are and what they do – but also becoming closer and discovering more about those we travelled over with. We stayed in the very comfortable and homely surrounding of Frimhurst – a very large building in a green and picturesque setting in the countryside of Surrey, dedicated to hosting ATD team and family visits/holidays. We participated in several workshops and games led by our hosts which helped us gain a much more in depth understanding to the international context of ATD and both the shared and contrasting actions of the English and Irish teams.

In typical ATD spirit, in-between learning, there was also time for fun and exploration. Frimhurst offered its visitors many enjoyable games to choose to play from as well as a piano and nearby walks both in nature and to/from the village. On the last day, the Irish team were humbly welcomed by those at the London headquarters in Addington Square where we shared lunch, conversation, ideas and even song and poetry with each other. We were then given free rein to discover some of the beauty, culture and history that London has to offer. A bus/boat trip from the house of parliament to the tower of London was organised to show us many of these sites. The trip finished as enjoyably as it begun – with dinner, singing, writing and good chats at the home of some generous ATD allies.