Thank You Dominique and Françoise!


We share our gratitude for Dominique and Françoise, ATD full-time volunteers, who spent 5 years in Dublin and who are joining today the ATD team in Montreal (

We are really sad to see you go! Thank you for coming into our lives, and showing us what it is like out there for people in poverty. You are an inspiration for women around the world. Rachel for the women of the Saol project

It is definitely a loss for Ireland and a gain for Canada! I have always been impressed by your determination and your courage and your gentleness. At the very centre of your heart is a caring especially for those who suffer from poverty. You have done amazing work to raise awareness in Ireland. You have inspired me. John Lonergan

This is a big good bye, but not for ever. It’s a brilliant journey with both of you. You were there for me all the time, in addiction and out of addiction. I will never forget your visit when I was in treatment. You will be always in my heart. Ann Marie

Your presence here brought a huge sense of hope for people who are living in so impoverished conditions. The sense of hope you brought to the lads was  amazing. We thank you for your generosity, your warmness and your acceptance of us exactly as you found us. Derek – NWICTDP

I was very happy to meet Dominique and Françoise. I think they are great people. They came to see me. Also when I didn’t expect them or when I wasn’t well. I hope they’ll be happy where they are going to. Theresa

Dublin has been very priviledged to have you. The 17 October has grown from strength to strength and has raised a lot of awareness through people about poverty. I can only envy Canada who will have the use of your energy and enthusiasm. Peter McVerry

The speech I have done in town was the first time I have read that much.You have put a lot of courage and strength into me to do it. Anytime I look at the pictures of the day, I still think ‘it’s not me’.You proved to me it can be done! I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Martin