Our Stories Moving Us from Shame to Dignity

As this book has so many different stories I found it difficult to come up with a cover that would represent all of them at once. Instead of tackling each individual story I decided
to base the cover around the stories main corresponding feature.

All of the stories in this book were written by ordinary people who have a story to tell and this book enables them to do so. This is something that really inspired me and got me thinking. How each person we meet has a library inside of them, but too often we shy away from sharing it with anyone else. This was why I chose to do an assemblage of faces for the front cover.

It shows the diversity of the storytellers in the book. I arranged it so each face still
remains hidden. I think these are the two defining features of the book.

Firstly, these stories are coming from a range of people. Secondly, the fact that the book encourages people to dig deep and write down those stories that have been hidden away for so long.”

Martin Byrne, volunteer, member of the Board of ATD Ireland

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