Real empowerment comes from a real idea of equality

“We have to find ways to build meaning for people if they are going to have success in life.”

From 28th April to 2nd May ATD in the United States will be sharing the thoughts of members and friends on questions relating to empowerment.


The week of April 28th, ATD is running a US campaign on Facebook and Twitter called #Unheard Voices. It will bring the experiences of people in poverty to the forefront, even if just for a short time.

If it’s going to be a success, ATD needs your help.

All through the week US ATD volunteers will be posting images and quotes hoping to introduce them to a wider audience.

To help, you can share some of the images, forward the event to friends and family – your support is key to making this week a success.

“The greatest suffering is knowing you are so unimportant that even your suffering is ignored.”                                                  Joseph Wresinski, founder ATD Fourth World

Stay tuned with #‎unheardvoices, and check out the Facebook page of ATD in the USA  to learn more!