Melting The Middle Class Gaze

For the past 20 years, Martin Byrne, volunteer & member of the Board of ATD Ireland has been collecting North Wall stories and publishing them once a year. These stories are coming from a range of people and the book encourages people to dig deep and write down those stories that have been hidden away for so long.

This year again, Martin’s North Wall stories help us with fresh eyes to see our unfair world
differently. By reading these stories we are liable to be born anew or jolted or touched or changed. They herald a world of shared human condition, give vent to the screams of those excluded from the feast, model ways of bottom-up local transformation and they
explicate empowerment for justice.

All of the stories in “Melting The Middle Class Gaze” were written by ordinary people who have a story to tell and this book enables them to do so. “This is something that really inspired me and got me thinking. How each person we meet has a library inside of them, but too often we shy away from sharing it with anyone else. “

We are so proud of the commitments our friends and volunteers who have a text in “Melting The Middle Class Gaze“!

The book launch will take place on Tuesday April 30th at 7pm and thanks to the generosity of Lord Mayor of Dublin, Nial Ring, it will be hosted in the Mansion House, Dublin 2. If you would like to attend, please contact