Image by Olga Lacey

A private writer’s corner online called ‘Lockdown Liberties’ was set up during the 2020 Covid 19 Lockdown – where a small group began to share personal writings, poems, hopes, dreams and reflections on life. The peer support nurtured between the writers was really strong. We encourage each other to write and continue to share some very powerful poems.

The Lockdown Liberties group is one of the ways we have adapted in supporting our community during the pandemic. It is an online group in which community members living in poverty are able to connect by writing and sharing poetry. Participants have told us how the group has been of real benefit during these challenging times:

“Writing poetry–it got me out of my head where I was imprisoned for a while. It let me focus on what matters in my life…without this group, I would have been a prisoner to my mind.”

You can find more information on the group here.

The new film and book will help to put the poetry of our community members in the public eye and build recognition of how such community support has been vital during the pandemic.


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