Join the ‘Leave No One Behind’ Conversations!

For too long, empty pledges and fine words have died in our mouths –
now is the time to turn promises into action for this generation.”

Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, 2016

The Agenda 2030, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the ‘Leave No One Behind’ promise provide the tools to achieve dignity and equality for every human being on this planet by 2030. Commitment and robust implementation of this Agenda is needed, however, to ensure that the plan is achieved for all people, in particular the most vulnerable.

Ireland has fully committed to this global agenda, but what does this mean in practice?

This is the question which was discussed on Tuesday 17th April with the partners of the Make Ireland Sustainable for All at the first national conference on the Sustainable Development Goals, Human Development and Inequalities.  For more information and the agenda:

At the conference, David Donoghue, co-facilitator in 2015 of the historic UN agreement on the Agenda 2030, launched the ATD Ireland project: the “Leave No One Behind” Conversations.

Have Your Say, Organise a Workshop!
ATD wants to involve citizens from all walks of life (children, youths, adults – including people with experience of poverty and marginalisation) to take part in conversations and help in the design of “Leave No One Behind: Walking the Talk”, a handbook presenting ways to create inclusive communities. Help us to walk the talk!

Contact us:

The questions we want to discuss:
1. What does the Leave No One Behind Promise mean to you?
2. How convinced are you? Do you think it’s possible? What challenges do you envision
in keeping the Promise?
3. What steps can we take in our own lives and in our own communities?

The calendar of the project:
17 April: launch of the project
May-August: 10 debates will be organised in the country
September: design of the “Leave No One Behind: Walking the Talk Handbook”
16 October: launch of the Handbook at IHREC as the world marks the #ZeroHunger and #EndPoverty Days.

The project is co-funded by Concern and the ATD Foundation, Paris.


Download the leaflet about the project here!
Download the project’s banner here!