Leave No One Behind Art Gallery

Here are two paintings I did recently. They didn’t take too long to do, however it is clear that life on land and in water is something that is important to me. #leavenoonebehind

In my community I have been noticing the sight and sound of lots of beautiful, colourful birds that are out and about making the most from this time of limited pollution and human greed/destruction. I would like to see a society where nature is not overlooked and where animals and flowers and trees are plentiful and thriving.

This picture is something quite special for me. I have a few paint brushes but not paints so being creative I made my own paint using a selection of condiments from the cupboard. With some sparkling water and coffee, cold tea bags ketchup mayonnaise and brown sauce and some gravy I managed to create this art piece. If no one is interested in buying it I can always put it on bread and make a sandwich. Sustainable recycled materials..

All done with limited resources just like the amazing work we do at ATD. People are our resource and their creativity is our currency.


This is a sketch of ATD’s founder Father Joseph Wresinski saving the world and those that are left behind.