Irish delegates attend European People’s University

EPU Brussels March 2014




The North West Inner City Training & Development Project (Dublin 1) and All Together in Dignity – ATD Fourth World Ireland brought together the Irish national delegation which attended the European People’s University in European Parliament -Brussels on the 5 th of March 2014.

The delegation was made up of three representatives. They prepared an Irish contribution on the theme  of  the  13th  People’s  University:  “Reflecting upon and constructing a Europe without exclusion together”.

The  European  People’s  University  (UPE)  was initiated  by ATD Fourth World in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee. Since 1989 these meetings  take  place  every  two  years  allowing  discussion between  persons experiencing  poverty,  members  of  the  European  Parliament  and  other representatives from European Institutions.

The aim of these discussions is to permit participants to reflect together and draw up proposals to reinforce the actions of the European Union to eradicate poverty. 2014  UPE  proposals  will  include  an  appeal  directed to all  European  MEP candidates at  the  next European  elections,  which  will  take  place  soon  after  the People’s University.

The UPE workshops were held on various topics and attended by several national delegations in the European Parliament. Delegations from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom broached topics as diverse as “Building a Democratic Europe”, “Achieving Knowledge for All”, “Fostering Solidarity in Europe”, “The Right to a Job” and “Jobs for Young People”.

The European  People’s  University was funded by the UE “Europe for Citizens Programme”

Pdf here: NWICTDP – ATD final contribution March 2014