Four and a half tests for Budget 2016


As a point of reference for of Budget 2016, ATD Ireland with all Community Platform members present ‘four tests for Budget 2016’. These tests build on the proposals in The Future Perspective of the Community Platform published in June 2015.

People on low incomes, women and minorities, who gained least in the boom years, have suffered most in the recession.  Over a quarter of the population are now officially counted as experiencing deprivation, including many who are working, because of unemployment and service and welfare cuts. Budget 2016 must urgently address the widespread suffering reported by our members and the people they represent and work with and signal a medium term strategy to build a more equal and inclusive Ireland.
ATD Ireland with all Community Platform members will judge Budget 2016 particularly in terms of four tests presented here.

And a new test should be soon included: Is Budget 2016 matching the new 17 Goals of the universal 2030 Agenda prepared, acccepted and supported by Ireland at the UN on 25 September 2016?