Festival of Nations

“In our work and in our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction.”   

  – Audre Lorde

This month ATD Ireland played a part in the organisation and participation of the wonderful Festival of Nations event which took place from 12 – 6pm in Mountjoy Square Park on Saturday the 24th of August.

At our stand we held a “footsteps” for a better future workshop – where we asked both children and adults to write or draw something that represented their dreams for the future on a colorful footstep, provided. We also gave people the option of sticking on/drawing labels of different flags based on what countries they were from. As the day went on we gathered over 120 footprints from participants, laminating and hanging them – to form a multicultural wall of hope. We will continue these workshops in preparation for October 17, where the steps and their wishes will be displayed on the ground leading up to the Poverty Stone.
All in all the Festival of Nations was a fantastic, sunny day full of music, dance, parades and festivities from all around the world. We were delighted and proud to take part in this vibrant celebration of diversity, where over 35 nations were represented.
In a time of so much hate and fear, we at ATD Ireland believe in the importance of celebrating the love, peace and togetherness that this festival portrayed so well. We would like to thank the main organizers for hosting such a great event, as well as all the ATD volunteers who helped us so much in running our busy stall.