Molenbeek gives light – ATD’s Easter Message 2016

Molenbeek – gives light –
– donne de la lumière –
– geeft licht –
– مولنبيك تشع نور  –

molelThe stories of Easter are numerous.
The first one is probably the one about a people remembering
captivity in Egypt and its liberation.
The Irish rising and its centenary is also about gaining
freedom and independence.
This week events in Belgium may also be part of some Easter history.
And ATD members worldwide feel connected to this country.
After ATD France,  ATD Belgium has been for decades
a very important reference and model for our global ATD family.
Many of its projects, in the past and today, were and are run in Molenbeek,
the area of Brussels often in the media recently.
As light came from people in slavery, oppression or exclusion in the past,
we believe that light is coming today
from remote, vulnerable or stigmatised areas.
“Molenbeek gives light” was and is the message
of local community groups including ATD Belgium.
Let’s make it our Easter message.

All Together in Dignity Ireland
wishes you a peaceful Easter time!

If the Easter week-end gives you some time for reading,
we invite you to discover the

“Claiming Our Future” 2016 Declaration for a future Ireland


ATD Ireland was part of the many groups who submitted contribution to draft this declaration. The outcome is a visionary document that proposes a fundamental transformation for Ireland, built on the core values of equality, environmental sustainability, participation, accountability and solidarity. It offers 21 guarantees to the citizens of Ireland. About the guarantees on “a participatory, accountable and inclusive democracy”, the declaration calls for “a public participation in policy making, including for those experiencing poverty, inequality, and social exclusion, and a constructive say in decisions.”

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