The Claiming Our Future coalition presented a 2016 Declaration to President Higgins!


On 3rd March 2016, Claiming Our Future representatives met with President Higgins to present their ‘Declaration for a Future Ireland’. The initiative marks the centenary anniversary of the 1916 Proclamation.


The Civil Society network posed a challenge to individuals and groups from all over Ireland to declare their vision for the future Ireland. ATD Ireland was part of these groups and submitted his declaration “Who we are together” (see all the submissions here)! Some groups were also assisted to present their ideas in the form of ‘future news’ and encouraged to see the centenary as an opportunity to look to the future rather than just to the past.

The outcome is a visionary document that proposes a fundamental transformation for Ireland, built on the core values of equality, environmental sustainability, participation, accountability and solidarity. It offers 21 guarantees to the citizens of Ireland.

About the guarantees on a participatory, accountable and inclusive democracy, the declaration calls for “a public participation in policy making, including for those experiencing poverty, inequality, and social exclusion, and a constructive say in decisions.”

Download full text of the Declaration here!