Creativity Worldwide: new ATD’s initiatives abroad!

Here are some examples of ATD’s new projects or ideas that are about to take shape as projects…

Haiti: Evaluation  of  the  Health  Card  system  that  provides access to health care to over 700 families in link with ATD in Port-au-Prince; the aim is to draw lessons from an experience of more than two decades to inspire a social protection plan on a territorial or country level.

France:   A  booklet,  “Daring  to  talk  about  money”  is  to  be created  in  the  framework  of  the  ATD’s  Citizens’ Universities for Dialogue and Solidarity to allow people who have to live on an impossibly tight budget to voice their experience, their coping strategies and their thoughts on the economy.

World Bank: An International Study on the Indicators of poverty that introduces social exclusion as a factor. The objective is to obtain a revision by the World Bank of their
definition of poverty at present limited to the indicator of earning less than 1,25$ a day. Earning 1,30$ instead, does not raise anyone out of extreme poverty, and yet this indicator
determines  international  development  policies.  Merging knowledge from people in situations of extreme poverty and scholars  alike  may  lead  to  adequate  indicators  as  well  as growing  recognition  that  people  in  situations  of  extreme poverty  can  play  an  active  role  in  building  collective knowledge in the sphere of university and politics.

Spain: a Soap Making Workshop  is planned in Sevilla, to learn together, to raise funds for community development activities and to become able to add to the family income. This workshop also wants to provide an alternative to illicite economic activities. Similar attempts have been discussed or tried  out  in  the  Philippines,  in  Peru,  and  in  Bolivia  to
examine the economic feasibility of this kind of projects a well as the way to reinforce solidarity within a community instead of triggering jealousy.

Madagascar: Manufacturing low energy cookers fueled with wood – ATD’s social business “Working and Learning Together” plans  to develop in partnership with the association Bolivia Inti Sud Soleil new activities that meet local needs and contribute to reduce rampant deforestation.