The Future Perspective of the Irish Community Platform


With 27 other national networks and organisations, ATD Ireland is member of the  Community Platform to work to address poverty, social exclusion, and inequality.

Our objectives are to facilitate solidarity amongst the organisations involved, organise community sector participation in partnership arrangements with the State, and establish a critical voice for equality, rights and anti-poverty interests at a national level.

The paper “The Future Perspective of the Community Platform“, launched on 14th July 2015, sets out some key elements of the situation in Ireland after six years of austerity policies and proposes policy directions for a future Ireland that would better reflect the values of the Community Platform.

It builds on a body of policy work done in previous years by the Community Platform and is based on discussion and exchange with our member organisations.

It is published in what is a crucial year as we struggle to emerge from recession and crisis.

It is essential that we not only undo the damage of policies that have deepened poverty and inequality but also set out and implement plans for an economy and society based on new values.

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