Become a supportive partner for those facing severe and persistent poverty in the EU

Dublin, 20th May 2014
Dear Candidates,
In a few days time, the election results will tell how Ireland will be represented at the European Parliament.

We wish you every success in these final campaigning days in recognition of your strong  commitments to a range of important issues.

Whether elected or not, we would like to invite you to become for the coming five years a supportive partner for those many European citizens facing severe and persistent poverty, and who are at risk of deeper social exclusion.

With the anti-poverty and human rights non-governmental organisation, ATD Ireland, and other like-minded organisations, you could join us to:

– Support the continuation at the European Parliament of the work of the cross-party Intergroup on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights.

– Help ATD Ireland to organise in October 2014 a debate on the attached European proposals which have been designed with people experiencing poverty.

– Create, with NGOs from the Irish anti-poverty sector, long-term participatory processes involving citizens who struggle with poverty on a daily basis in designing and monitoring anti-poverty policies at local, national and European levels.

We hope to be in contact in the coming weeks to develop these proposals further with you.

With our best wishes,

Mark Hogan, Chairperson, ATD Ireland

Read a summary of the proposals

Download the full 8-pages document with detailed proposals