An international development agenda for the next Irish Government – Dóchas Submission to Political Parties

dochasThe next General election will come at an important time in Irish history. Next year Ireland will celebrate the centenary of the 1916 Rising, a momentous point in Irish history which gives us an opportunity to reflect on and re-think Irish priorities as a country and Irish ideas of how to shape a future.

The next elections should reflect that Ireland is part of an international community and that Ireland is, in fact, “a global island”.

In September 2015, world leaders will agree a new set of global priorities, a ‘recipe’ for a better world. They will change the landscape of traditional development policies, moving the focus from developing countries to a global, universal application of the goals including Ireland. The challenge at the heart of this new global agreement is: how do we build societies that thrive and that look after the interests of current generations, as well as the interests of future generations, and of the planet? How do we build societies that are fair, prosperous and respectful of the planet we live on? This challenge is universal. Every nation on Earth will need to grapple with it and, in cooperation with others, develop its own national plan of action to help attain our shared aspirations and the globally agreed “sustainable development goals”

This is the preamble of Dóchas call to political parties ahead of Irish General Election in 2016.

Read Dóchas full call here: Dóchas Submission to general Election Manifestos