Four Tests for the Irish 2017 Budget!


ATD Ireland with all the members Community Platform will judge Budget 2017 to be announced next week particularly in terms of the following four tests:

  • Test 1: Will Budget 2017 redistribute income towards the poorest 20%
  • Test 2: Will Budget 2017 strengthen access to quality employment?
  • Test 3: Will Budget 2017 restore and strengthen public services which are of particular importance to people on low income?
  • Test 4: Will the impact of Budget 2017 be assessed to ensure that all provisions reduce poverty and inequality?

In particular, ATD Ireland would recommend that the Budget 2017:

  • Sets aside funding to support the process of designing and adopting the national 2030 Agenda Strategy and its action plan for sustainable development in Ireland and globally. Relevant means should be available for the Government Departments concerned as well as for civil society and community organisations at large to contribute to this process.
  • Sets aside funding for pilot projects with the aim of developing long-term participatory processes in which people with experience of poverty and their organisations could contribute to the assessment and monitoring of policy.

Download here the full Community Platform document Four Tests for the Irish 2017 Budget.