ATD in 2o16 in 2×16 ATD Events!


Take time to re-discover the year 2016 of ATD Ireland in 2×16, so 32 events!

happynewyear2016atddublinsEvent 1 – A new team to start the year!
p1090358csEvent 2 – With ATD UK in Belfast to present “The Roles We Play”atd-fmjan16-112csEvent 3 – A farewell to Marineatd-fmjan16-130csEvent 4 – Wanted “Human Rights Champion”! Our GE 2016 campaign
dsc_0033csEvent 5 – Just before her departure to France, the President of Ireland
congratulates Marine for her work
in the “Roles We Play, here and there project”
20160219_124758csEvent 6 – Unveiling of an InfoBoard at the Human Rights
& Poverty Stone
ovdubday1-80csovdubday2-75csEvent 7 & 8 – Launch of the “Our Voices Project”
and first European Meeting

103_0924csEvent 9 – An Irish ATD delegation meets the Vice-President
of the European Parliament during a gathering
of the MEP Intergroup on Human Rights and Poverty

wedjynaprilsmall-90Event 10 – An Irish ATD delegation takes part
to a European Djynamo Meeting

Event 11 – Martin Byrne, member of ATD’s Board launches
his annual book “One hundred gritty voices”.

Event 12 – Gerald Doherty takes over the chair of the ATD board!
We thank Mark Hogan for his work as Chair for seven years!
atd-agm-33csEvent 13 – At ATD’s annual AGM, we discuss the future development
of membership.
103_1067csEvent 14 – Dublin volunteer offers a painting representing
the Easter Rising and the 1916 Proclamation
to a member of the ATD International Leadership Team
marathon-day-91csEvent 15 – ATD’s women’s team at Dublin’s Women’s Mini Marathon
dsc_0020c2sEvent 16 – ATD’s launches the “Magnificent 17” project
to raise awareness about the 17 Global Goals
for Sustainable Development of the 2030 Agenda
p1100053csEvent 17 – an ATD and NWICTDP delegation from Dublin
attends an “Our Voices” meeting in Madrid
ovjune16-46cEvent 18 – Regular “Our Voices” meetings involve inhabitants
from Ballymun, Dublin

mourne-13Event 19 – “Our Voices” Outing: a healthy day together
in the Silent Valley

We are one. ATDEvent 20 – ATD’s Summer Picnic with the farewell to Eileen Donovan
100_8298cEvent 21 – An Irish ATD delegation contributes to
the European DjynaWeek “Gender, Sexuality and Violence”

103_3329csEvent 22 – ATD Ireland volunteers visit the ATD International
Headquarter and discover the first Human Righst
and Po
verty Stone in Paris
united    Event 23 – 1st Anniversary of the 2030 Agenda Adoption marked
with other NGOs in the heart of Dublin

lightway161017cs-4Event 24 – ATD volunteers meet with members
of the ATD International Leadership Team

lightway161017cs-13Event 25 – Zero Poverty, Zero Hunger  Vigil at the eve of End Poverty Day
stonegathpkcs-25Event 26 – The President of Ireland attends the End Poverty Day
Gathering at the Human Rights and Poverty Stone

128_3954csEvent 27 – Launch of the big “Global Goals Family Day”
during the One World Week

100_9590csEvent 28 – An Irish ATD – SAOL project delegation visits
the ATD group in Kielce
, Poland
128_4135csEvent 29 – 2nd European Meeting of the “Our Voices” Project
at Warsaw University

lwf10dec16-48csEvent 30 – 2nd Long Walk to Freedom on Human Rights Day128_4282csEvent 31 – First plenary meeting of the new Irish “Coalition 2030”
130_4294csEvent 32 – Street Collection during ATD’s Christmas
fundraising challenge