17 Oct

With all our own two hands we can change the world! Let’s walk as one for a inclusive society!

Will citizens around the country play a role
to make next Irish National Action Plan
for Social Inclusion the best ever?

Marking the 25th anniversary of the United Nations’ Day for the Eradication of Poverty, All Together in Dignity launched a call to action in Leinster House with the support of Maureen O’Sullivan TD and the SAOL project.

The call “Walking as One for an Inclusive Society: A Call to Action on the People of Ireland” aims to network citizens, workers, leaders, managers, carers, teachers, trainers, parents, young people who are ready to be contribute to the new national action plan for social inclusion.

ATD with the support of old and new allies would like to contribute to strong participatory process to make the next Anti-Poverty Plan the best ever. Those who today live with poverty and social exclusion deserve it. They also should have the opportunity help develop this new plan. And when the plan is in place they should be able to play their part to ensure it is implemented.

We believe that with “Our Own Two Hands We Can Change the World”!

2017 marks twenty years since Ireland’s first comprehensive plan to address poverty: the National Anti-Poverty Strategy 1997-2006. The Irish Government is currently evaluating the National Action Plan for Social Inclusion 2007-2017 and aims to publish a new plan in 2018.  Official consultations are expected in the autumn and a draft of the new plan may be available later next year.

ATD Ireland and various partners will collect signatures in the coming weeks. Human Rights Day 2017 (10th Dec) will be a first deadline to assess this mobilisation. Responding to the feedback this call generates from citizens around the country, ATD plans to initiate a dialogue with the signatories and with the team of the Minister Regina Doherty in charge of the preparation of the plan.

As the 2017 international Call to Action www.poverty-stop.org ended with a meeting of ATD delegates with the highest officials at the UN in New York,  ATD Ireland launched on the 17 October 2017 a national Call to Action related to the Irish commitment to implement the UN 2030 Agenda and its Goal 1: To end poverty in all its forms everywhere by 2030.

13 Oct

It’s about giving young people a voice: the ATD Youth Group will run “Ireland, I have a dream” with a grant from the Coca Cola Thank You Fund!

‘It’s about giving young people a voice’ said PJ Gallagher at the Thank You Fund 2017 launch. ‘Coca-Cola’s objective was to find projects that would inspire and support young people, and there is no doubt the recipients will do exactly that. I am humbled by the people working in communities throughout the island of Ireland,” he added, “and believe that the impact of the work they do with young people has an immeasurable impact on our society”

On 12 October 2017, comedian and Thank You Fund Ambassador, PJ Gallagher awarded ATD’s Youth Group with a grant of €5,000 to run the project “Ireland, I Have A Dream”!

Coca-Cola has announced the recipients of its 2017 Thank You Fund, a €100,000 purse which recognises the work of community organisations, non-profits and other groups in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The presentations were made at Zeminar, a youth conference event taking place at the RDS in Dublin. 14 groups in total received funding, for their innovative projects in supporting and inspiring young people. Among the groups arwarded are: The Little Museum of Dublin, An Cosán, Leave No Trace Ireland, Oasis Caring in Action Antrim.

We are proud to announce that the ATD Youth Group (the new UC youth Group – Unity in the Community) has been chosen too!

Here is a video the group prepared to pitch for their project:


About the project

‘Ireland, I Have a Dream’ will invite young members of deprived communities to write a speech inspired by Martin Luther King’s legacy.

4th of April 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of MLKs death and although he is most famous for his work in civil rights he was also an anti-poverty activist.

Through this creative writing process we want young people to find strength in sharing their experiences, finding their individual and collective voice with the aim of empowering participants and inspiring others to keep fighting to stop poverty.

Martin Luther King was a role model and leader to millions. His speeches empowered people to find their voice and come together to take action. There are far too many young people living in persistent poverty in Ireland. The  project is to help young people to learn about MLK and use his legacy as a source of inspiration and empowerment.

We aim to encourage them to find their own voice, share their dreams, become leaders and ultimately role models for others through the active participation in a creative writing exercise. Participants will be encouraged to write about the dreams they have to stop persistent poverty in Ireland through the context of their own story.

During ‘Ireland, I Have a Dream’ the Youth Groupe “Unity in the Community” will empower other young people living from deprived communities, facilitate a series of creative writing workshops and organise an  event on 4th April 2018 to present all the “Ireland I have a dream speeches”.

26 Sep

Two Years Later, Will Ireland Light the Way Again?

On 25th September 2015, world leaders agreed to a definitive plan for the planet and the people on it: 17 Sustainable Development Goals have been adopted. 193 governments signed up and if they stick to the plan the results will be extraordinary. End poverty. Fight inequalities. Tackle climate change. And leave no one behind.

It has already been two years. Is Ireland on track? Is Leo Varadkar and other world leaders sticking to the pledge?

For the goals to be reached for everyone, everyone needs to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people like you and us.

Early in September 2017, ATD with all members of the Irish Coalition 2030 wrote to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar a pledge to make the Budget 2018 a 2030 Agenda Budget (see letter here).

On the 2nd anniversary of the SDGs,  ATD called on its friends and volunteers to to join the Coalition 2030 and many other organisations worldwide in the “Global Day of Action”.

On the 24th September, ATD organised “Stronger Together”, a community event to celebrate the 60 years of ATD International and to mark the 2nd Anniversary of the Global Goals! GAA Football Dublin star Jonny Cooper joined us for the event!

More pictures of the day here!

On Monday 25th September, day of the 2nd anniversary, at lunch break the Coalition 2030 invited its members to join us from 1pm to 2pm in a symbolic Act 4 SDGs March from the Rosie Hackett Bridge to the Famine Statues and the Human Rights and Poverty Stone.

The March was organised by the Irish Environmental Network, World Vision Ireland and ATD Ireland.  The 25th September 2015 banner “Ireland, Light the Way!” has been modified for the event with an addition of 2 words: “WILL Ireland Light the Way AGAIN?”. The banner was displayed on the Rosie Hackett Bridge.

Watch the video of the event here:

More pictures of the day here!

More about the day:

We believe you own the SDGs. Your actions both big and small can help. Together we will be turning the plan into action, promises into reality and make sure that no one is left behind. Join a global movement. Make every voice count!


26 Sep

The Journey Starts Here! Discover ATD’s Overseas International Volunteer Corps

ATD Ireland will be at the Irish Aid Volunteering Fair 2017! Come and discuss ways to volunteer long-term in one of the 100 projects run by ATD local communities across 40 countries around the world!

To start the journey:

  • Join our Local Volunteers Network: help us in many ways from the running of our projects: fundraising, translating English<>French to maintenance in the office, special events, administration, family support and a whole lot more. Whether you like to work alone or in a group, in an office or outdoors, on the front line or in a support role, we can always use the help and we are flexible according to your available time and skills. Currently we are inviting volunteers to support 3 specific projects. Read more about them here!


  • Join a 3 months internship to start the discovery of the ATD’s Overseas International Volunteer Corps: ATD International Full-time Volunteer Corps members make a long-term commitment to working alongside families living in extreme poverty and are involved in activities and projects in Ireland and overseas. They  agree to live on same basic stipends and make themselves available to go where their expertise and skills are most needed.  Families, couples and individuals of all ages, from a variety of backgrounds and with an assortment of practical skills and qualifications, make up this diverse group of dedicated, full-time workers. There are a number of steps and ways to joining the Volunteer Corps, the first being involvement in ATD activities and projects here in Ireland.
    Read more on ATD Full Time Volunteers!
    Visit the ATD International website!

Follow updates about the event here!

15 Sep

The 4 tests for #Budget2018 by the Community Platform

Every year ATD Ireland supports the “4 tests” call on the Government by the Community Platform.

As ATD  we want to underline one request of the “4th test”expecting from the Budget 2018 to “Set aside funding for pilot projects with the aim of developing long-term participatory processes in which people with experience of poverty and their organisations could contribute to the assessment and monitoring of policy”.

Download here the Community Platform Four Tests for Budget 2018

10 Sep

Stronger together! Community and Human Rights values for a better future!

To mark the 2nd Anniversary of the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (25 September 2015 – see here), and to celebrate the 60 years of the first community initiative in 1957 that was the starting point of the development of the International ATD Fourth World Movement.
ATD Ireland invites you to a fun and sport outdoor event in Mountjoy Square Park (Dublin 1) on Sunday 24th September 2017 (from 1pm to 5pm).It will be a day to celebrate community and human rights values which are at the origin of the 17 Universal Global Goals.
You will be able to discover the NGOs and groups working on and around Mountjoy Square!
The Magnificent 17 will strike back in town for this special occasion!

The event, taking place 3 weeks before the UN #EndPoverty Day (www.17october.ie), will also be an opportunity to promote the spirit of the UN Day and present its history!
More details coming soon.
Updates will be also available via Facebook!
09 Sep

Join Now The “End Poverty Day” Volunteer Team!

ATD Ireland and the Irish 17 October Committee are creating a new volunteer team to support the preparation and organisation of the events which will take place in Ireland and especially in Dublin on the 16th and 17th October to mark the 30th anniversary of the UN End Poverty day and the finale of the 2017 #StopPoverty Campaign (see www.poverty-stop.org).

Hands and Hearts Welcome! Contact: volunteering@atdireland.ie

Visit also: http://volunteering.force.com

A first team meeting will be organised on 12 September 2017 – More here!

20 Aug

An Irish delegation joined the “Youth Rise Up Against Poverty” gathering in the Netherlands!

From 10 to 14th August, a youth delegation prepared by NYP2, the Cork Life Centre and ATD Ireland was on the move.

The delegation travelled to Wijhe in the Netherlands to take part in the European Youth Rise Up Against Poverty gathering. The experience was educational and inspirational for all involved. Youth groups from eight European countries were represented at the gathering.

Three members of our delegation travelled to Wijhe four days early to assist in the preparation week where their duties ranged from cooking and cleaning to pitching military tents. We were very proud of Gavin Uzel who was handed the responsibility of officially welcoming all participating groups to Wijhe during the opening ceremony.

Over the course of the three day event the Irish delegation participated in a range of interesting creative workshops and discussions.

Furthermore the delegation facilitated two workshops. On three occasions we ran an Introduction to GAA workshop which aimed at giving an introduction to Gaelic Football and Hurling while also highlighting the importance of the cultural and community dynamic within the GAA. This workshop was a lot of fun and hilariously brought out the competitive side of many participants.

The LeaveNoOne behind workshop was also a lot of fun and very successful in highlighting the 17 UN global goals for 2030 while also discussing what it really means to leave no one behind.

Thankfully the whole experience was documented through daily vlogs which you can see on the Youtube Djynamo Channel. Enjoy! One of the video is presented here:

All 9 videos about #Wijhe2017 are also presented here:
Revisiting the European Youth Gathering in Wijhe
More pictures are also presented at:


From August 10th 2017 to the 14th, 15 young adults from Ireland met 200 young Europeans involved in the fight against poverty.

Most of the participants were be young people who face discrimination and hardship due to their social backgrounds (migration, very low income households, early school leavers, homelessness,….)

The young people gathered in Wijhe (The Netherlands) at the occasion of the UN International Youth Day (every 12th August). In 2017, the call of #YouthDay expected the Youth to be Peace Builders.

All major international stakeholders agree that poverty and inequalities are two of the major threats to peace. This message was central in the #Wijhe2017 gathering.

A #Youth4Peace has also to be a #Youth4Justice!

During a #Wijhe2017 preparation meeting in November 2016, young European delegates set the followings goals for the gathering:

  • Meet young people from other countries, from other cultures
  • Exchange practices and learn from other groups
  • Exchange on topics where young people can make their voices heard
  • Create to space where young people from very different backgrounds and cultures can meet to share their knowledge and get involved

Hence workshops were organized and facilitated by the young people from diverse backgrounds, and aimed to have a mutual sharing of their knowledge and experience.

Discover here the video prepared in 2016 by Irish young people with others, ahead of the #Wijhe2017 gathering!


25 Jul

Our Voices! An overview of our 2016-2017 “Europe for Citizens” Project

The 30st of June was the end date of the 2016-2017 “Our Voices” project co-funded by the  EU Programme “Europe for Citizens”.

On this page you will find links to various documents reporting events and final results of the project. We also included the 3 videos prepared by ATD Ireland during the project.

In Ireland, we plan to create a follow-up project to build on the “Our Voices” learnings. With the Community Platform will aim to influence the implementation of the “SlainteCare” health system reform, to make sure it delivers for all citizens and especially those facing hardships because of poverty and social exclusion.

Final reports about the “Our Voices” project:

On this website about “Our Voices”:

More pictures and event reports can be found on the project Facebook page: facebook.com/OurVoices2017
and the project Twitter page:

Video 1 – prepared for the March 2017 European meeting

Video 2 – prepared for the presentation at the European Parliament

Video 3 – prepared for the presentation at the “Health as a Human Rights” event