Its was a way that people can get together. Not everybody is great at opening up and talking about problems and I think through the art of poetry, communication, connection – and getting together, talking amongst small groups – it gives people that bit of a confidence boost so they can start opening up more and more and tap into the creative side that we all have!


We Are All the Same 

I have seen endless amounts of content on social media lately about how these very powerful minority of humans who control the world and about how powerful and wealthy they are, but how powerful and mighty are they really?

We are all the same – every breathing person on this planet today will eventually be gone over the course of the next century. We all came into this world the same way and we will all leave the same way. Over the vast span and duration of time in which the planet has existed – our duration of time here in that context is like a blink of an eye. Recorded history only dates back to 5000 years ago – so do you think in 50000 to 100000 years from now anyone alive today will be remembered and be relevant in the future. I don’t think so …

We are all the same – some just think they are immortal because they have more influence and resources. So for anyone who thinks they are not worthy or not good enough, just remember this –

We are all the same …

Homeless Services

The homeless services and the aftercare system are like a trap to the young people who enter into these drug infested hell holes that the council forces them to stay in. In order to be approved for homeless HAP to progress to getting your own place (and thats a big ‘if’, some have to wait years …) what they have to endure impacts their mental health so badly that when the times comes to get their own place – their mental state is so impacted by the system, they become dysfunctional to the point that they can’t hold down a household.

All the while – they are looked down upon and their state of mind is not taken into consideration because every worker behind every desk and every phone they encounter is out of touch to the harsh reality of the service users circumstances. These workers are in that position in the first place through learning stuff from a book in college and graduating into the work field whilst being out of sync with the people they are supposed to support.

Through this pandemic mainstream society has had to experience what its like to live by regulation and guidelines but the homeless users have been doing this before there was ever a thought of a pandemic. I will continue to bring light to this situation.