Throughout the years I’ve made a lot of friends with ATD but throughout the lockdown we couldn’t see much of each other so it was a group where I could express how I felt and had someone to talk to and to have a laugh and a joke with!


We Said We Do

Christina and Jimmy met 4 and a half years ago, they started off as friends so no-one did know. Our eyes lit up when we saw each other. We both had a friend that was like a mother. We had a crush since day one. The love begun – one year after bring marriage and moving in. Kissing and hugs, all the way. We love

each-other every day.


Mum and Dad

My love for my mum and dad knowing they’re there.

They took me into care. 7 years old I was a brat. They always had my back. They’ve always been there. I’ll always love them with all my heart. They gave me a good start. I want to say I care. I’m glad they are always there.


Four legs, waggie tail.

A mouth to bark. When he is out with mammy – he is running around in the dark. He is cute and his name is Snowie. His coat is so glowie. He runs as fast as a rabbit in the field. When he started to know daddy – he started to heal. He walked everyday, mummy was affected when he had to go away. We love him, we love him, we love him and all together our hearts will always be with him – Where ever he goes …