Its given me a lot of confidence with my own history of me background. I had my own problems with drugs and homelessness myself but I’ve used that and turned it into something that I think is beautiful and it doesn’t make me ashamed of my past and I know that there is more people out there that have been through similar things and can relate to my poetry and that’s what makes me confident in it.


Surrounded by Fear

A cold and dark November – nowhere to go till December.

Closed up inside ur home but all on my own – depression an anxiety all together in 1 but nowhere to run …

Fear in my mind, fear in my body – fear of the 1 who sits by me.

Masks on faces, eyes so big – wondering does dat person have anything.

A virus so big but yet so small, we will still stand tall.

Dublin city a place dat was fun, now look how its run.

A Mother’s Fear

Christmas is getting closer each day. What can I say to those big eyes? Sorry but I think Santa has just 1 surprise …

With a smile on my face I take her by the hand, Mummy can we go to Disneyland?

Once again what can I say to those big eyes, I’m sorry Santa has just 1 surprise …

As it gets darker the days get colder wondering please let this year be over …

Walking past houses all lit up, Christmas trees and candles shining so bright, everywhere in sight … Mummy why can’t we have a house like that? Mummy why do we not have a tree like that? … With those big eyes, I’m sorry Santa has just 1 surprise …

As I lay down in my bed, thoughts going through my head – sometimes I think it would be easier if I just said sorry Santa is dead …

Counting the coins under the chair, thinking what are they going to wear … Off to the shop to find a Turkey for dinner, at least that would be a winner …

Christmas day, all I can say – aren’t we lucky to still have this day?

I am still Human

Walking around Dublin city trying to find a place not gritty …

A bag so wet it hurts my breath, fingers and toes all curled up – please someone put money in this cup.

Sitting at the GPO an yet still nowhere to go. You see the man on the corner, all he wants for Christmas is to be warmer.

A blanket jacket or socks these things I have not … U see I once had a wife, a home, a job and even a phone.

As I sit and watch people pass, u would think time would go fast.

As the cold creeps in and my body starts to shake, somebody please help me for goodness sake.

I’m old an I’m cold, would Santa believe me if I told him I was never bold.

When you pass me by do you think why or am I just the same as that other guy … so you think in all this I would drink and sink.

But God is beside me not behind me. As I set up my bed made out of cardboard on top of a large board.

I lay on my back, still shivering at that. Losing my last breath – I know I’m facing death …

Will anyone even notice me or will they just say, aw let him be?