Learning that you’re not on your own because the saying in ATD is ‘Leave No – One Behind’ and ‘Keep Connected’- that’s why you feel so supported because you can communicate with others online and show that you are not facing this lockdown on your own.


5 long years

I’ve been on drugs for 5 Long years. It cost my family – Hardship and tears. Heroin, coke, speed and ecstasy. They really got a hold of me. So – if you take a tab of ecstasy – You think it will set you high and free. A snort of coke, a wrap of speed – Heroin, coke, hash, weed –  but I done drugs big and small. Now it’s great being off it all.



My life has a meaning – or am I dreaming? Sleeping in doorways – having no eat, being slagged for what clothes you wear and hair not neat. Discrimination is not the key – helping someone is helping them to be free. I remember 10 years ago sleeping out in a sleeping bag at the GPO. Drugs and alcohol – I could not see any better, I did not know how to read a letter. Got to Granby center – I met my wife, gave up drugs and alcohol – set myself free. I met a wonderful group called ATD. They gave support for 10 years, they taught me how to live and take away fear. I like been clean and I hope to get sober – if it wasn’t for my wife and ATD – life would be over.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Scared. I feel scared in my own home – in a service, why do I feel so alone? Scared to talk about – Some people don’t want to know what comes out of my mouth. They knock u down all the time … How in ever you lose the mind? Cry myself to sleep sometime, I wish things would be fine. Poverty is happening – I want out of this place, with God on my side – I can face.

forever love

Love is a feeling – its a way of healing. Two people who are together should know about loving forever – the passion and spark, to cuddle up after dark. To say the words of meaning – I love you forever, that’s what bring myself and my wife together.