The Lockdown Liberties project got me out of the prison of my own mind and it set me free from my depression. Hopefully it will have an effect on my kids. I used to hide my tears because I was told from a young age that men aren’t allowed to feel or to show emotion but because I held it in so much it ended up being a dormant volcano and eventually it erupted … So – feel, cry and smile because it takes a man to cry.



Choose which face to put on. Rather than depression.

Choose to wear a smile. If only for a while. Throw away your mask. And know that life is a task. A task to get through the day. Just chin up – I am here to stay. Just reach out to me.

Live your life, and be happy.


Eradicate Poverty

As I know that ye hold a mandate on human rights and equality, I think it’s time we join and try to eradicate poverty. These fall under housing, education, employment and health – I think we should start by spreading the wealth. To people in need – the poor and the homeless. Let’s start by spreading hope to the hopeless. The lack of support, it offends me. When you’re looking for votes, it’s the only time ye preach equality! Empty promises – I’m actually sick of it all.

It’s up to ye – just make the call. The call to build houses. I mean ye are the government – why cant ye stop this destruction? Just make the call to start construction. Construction of fairness, equality and a united island. I mean ye are in charge of Ireland! Just follow through on what you said, instead of waking up and another is dead. Dead from the cold – cardboard box that’s all that keeps me warm. If ye said yes there would be no harm. That’s why theres groups like ATD, cuz we stand against poverty! That’s why we stand for equality. It’s time to stop all this negativity, that the government is spreading. I mean look at where we are heading! When people look at homelessness as the normality, that’s when I look on ye in pity. When you walk down Dublin and see people asleep on the ground, I dunno how ye sleep so well and sound. Please listen to us – there is people dying. Families nearly drowning from the tears their crying. They’re crying to ye to help them out. Some are afraid to scream and shout. I hope this poem reaches someones heart before this country just falls apart.



stand together

We need to join together like an army. Using my words – they wont disarm me. I’m ready to fight with my tongue. Now I know I’m only young. But I have a wise head on my shoulders. We will march like true soldiers. You might think that we are blind – but by god we will leave no one behind. Because that’s what we believe in –

What the government is doing is a sin.

Forcing people to live on the streets.

Sitting on a cold ground not even a seat.

It rages me to the bone – how many people die and all alone. I wont stand for it anymore –

Time to stand together against this war!



On this voyage and symbols of peace, I will stop at nothing to see poverty deceased. Oh trust me – I will fight to my dying breath. To see that discrimination is put to death. By standing up for what I believe in – let’s put discrimination in the bin. By publishing this book, let’s hope its a right hook – into the face of change. Let’s hope, its as big as a mountain range!