I think the camaraderie on the page was good because you got feedback and not just for me but I’d imagine for a lot of other people – it was a bit of an escape. You could always pick up your phone and there would be someone on Lockdown Liberties and you could just write in and ask a question or send your poems or your writings and everything was accepted. It was a very good thing to be started.


Black 47

The crop is bad.

No spuds to be had.

Outlook bleak.

Hungry and weak.

The crop is bad.

The plague is here.

A sigh and tear.

For hunger and fear.

The crop is dead.

Blackend is the beet.

Hungry dying in the street.

With nothing to eat.

Corn for the rich.

The impoverished suffer, impoverished suffer

Walking through the Wood Today

Walking through the woods today, there were two of us on an overnight camping fishing trip. We looked for a clearing to pitch our tents. We stop at a clearing its open and flat ground; the dark was creeping in slow. So, we got set up and retired to the tents for the night. Morning came and we could not believe we were right on the river’s edge.

We set up the rods, bait the and cast them in the river, cast after cast failed the catch anything here. We’ll move up a bit. We set up right under a massive tree. Cast the rods in here to see does the luck change.Just the we, watch this little colour bird standing on a perch in the tree over the river. Birds eye view. The bird waited then dropped off its perch and seconds later, its back on its perch, the fish is still wriggling so a quick bang off the tree and the bird has sushi. The two boys watched in awe every time that bird moved it got a fish. And how deft he dives from the sky to swoop down to nab the rewards.

The lads caught nothing. They discussed this little bird on the way home, why was he able to get the fish that easy. It’s the Kingfisher you just witness.

flat on my fleet

Flat on my feet. Rain hides the tears.

Begin to feel defeat. Heart skips a beat.

Alone in the street. No one to meet.

Nor anyone to greet. Here’s were I eat.

Here’s were I sleep. Middle of the street.

Rain soaks my sheets. Breeze comes through.

Body heat of two. Just a distant view.

Begging for change. But only getting coins.

It’s time for change. Discard the chains.

End this giving pain.

End poverty


The Wanting

Oh fools are we. A life we cant see.  A blinding light.  Sleep on the right.

Our fights our rights. The battle fought tight. We are of the night. 

Faceless without the Mask. Pointless you ask.

Tearfully alone and prone. Pick up the phone. Your not alone.

Join together and thrive. Collectively we’ll survive. It’ll be a bigger drive.

ATD 2021 just begun. Soon it’ll be in the sun.


The Fight

She’s single with child.

The child wasn’t spoiled.

Their rights being defiled.

To live without turmoil.

Neighbors stare a while.

Never showing a smile.

Walked many a mile.

Help their struggling plight.

Poverties an horrific fight.

Please someone address this.

With might and haste.

We’re all a human race.

Don’t let us waste.

Acknowledge this frontal disgrace.

Mend this painful place.

Give us our due.

For we elect you.

Go and do your do.